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When the only girl in her family without powers is kicked out of home, she is forced to question where her loyalties lie and just how far she’ll go to prove herself.

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Sixteen-year-old Hanna is supposed to be a superhero. But while one of her sisters can spontaneously combust and the other can dissolve concrete with a touch (let’s not mention what her brothers can do), Hanna is disappointingly ordinary.

Her father Artem, the world’s leading specialist in the super gene mutation, is running out of patience. When he suspects someone has been leaking his research, that’s all the reason he needs to kick Hanna out. He gives her one shot at redemption – if she gets powers, she can come back.

Knowing the stress response can trigger latent powers, Hanna goes looking for trouble and stumbles upon the Brotherhood – Sudovia’s largest Russian crime family. Hanna was raised on whispers about the Brotherhood – rumors of brutal executions, drug empires and missing people, and the mysterious tattoo on the inside of her dead mother’s wrist.

Now she must decide whether to join forces with the Brotherhood and learn the secrets of her mother’s past, or to use this opportunity to find intel that is valuable enough to convince Artem to take her back. If she joins team Brotherhood, she will lose any chance of proving herself to Artem. If she becomes a spy, though, there is still no guarantee that he will take her back.

And if she gets caught… the Brotherhood doesn’t leave survivors.

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Meet Jacqui

Jacqueline Pretty is the author of Powerless, which won the 2022 Killer Nashville Claymore award for the best unpublished book in the Young Adult category and was shortlisted for the Chanticleer Book Reviews Dante Rossetti Young Adult award.

An Australian and a travel addict, Jacqui has lived in five countries and travelled to over forty. The fictional city of Kakslinna in Powerless is inspired by Tallinn, Estonia, where she lived for three years.

She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, but her heart dreams of returning to Europe.


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